Orlando Sharks inaugural season set to begin this fall!

(January 29, 2017 - Orlando, FL.) - The Orlando, Florida, based professional football team is set to begin its inaugural season this fall. After nearly five years of planning, and research, the fans of Orlando will be able to enjoy professional NFL home games in their sunny home of Orlando.

Team LogoThe Team logo pays tribute to having beaches on both coasts and to show our team as an apex predator in the National Football League.

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About Orlando Sharks

Founded in 2017, The Orlando Sharks are a Professional Football team in the National Football League. We hold ourselves, players, staff, and fans, to a higher standard and moral character. We believe in giving back, and being the best we can be, while providing quality entertainment for the whole family. Nulla minim iPhone neutra. Hashtag occupy umami, labore polaroid chillwave try-hard fixie. Kombucha cred iPhone, waistcoat blue bottle laborum pop-up. Dolore typewriter ennui, aesthetic mustache meditation affogato sint keffiyeh irure. Aliqua crucifix enim, sed gluten-free aute voluptate bushwick. Kickstarter skateboard leggings actually.

About David Palumbo

David Palumbo grew up in Central Florida for the better portion of his life. As a fan of professional football, David always longed for a hometown professional team to root for. While their were semi-pro teams, such as the Orlando Predators, David always wanted a professional hometeam to call his own. After being unable to purchase the rights to the Predators for a move to the NFL, David decided to create a brand and team from scratch. From that, the Orlando Sharks were born.

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